Golf Resorts

Have you ever tried to explain the magnitude of a great experience to your perspective members?  Just telling someone about all the great things your resort has to offer isn't enough.  With one of our premium golf resort packages, you will find it to be a breeze to hook perspective members with this great visual aid.  From cinema style scenes and birds eye views, your new members wont miss a single beat.  Let them fall in love with their new home before they ever step foot on the greens.

Residential Real Estate 

Video is the standard in real estate sales today.  Photos alone just isn't enough anymore.  When you chose one of our Residential Video Packages, you are taking the next step in moving your listings to the top of the pile.  We use cinematic styles to create a unique look that will keep your perspective buyers watching till the end.  With varying camera moves and the intermixing of aerial video, your perspective buyers will fill like they are watching a story unfold right before their eyes.  Because it is.  It's their future story.

Residential Real Estate Extended 

This is one of our extended Residential Real Estate video packages.  It has all the bells and whistles of our smaller package but has a few added features.  Features like Close-ups and Rack Focuses.  As well as Smoke and Candles.  These added features give your listing an air of life.  Something that is lacking from many blow average real estate video today.

Multi-Family Properties

For those who manage multi-family properties, this should be first on your list of marketing priorities.  With soaring aerial video and all showing ground video, your future tenants will feel like they are actually on site when they view one of our Multi-Family Video Packages.   It doesn't matter if your multi-family property is large or small, we'll make sure you get the package that fits you the best.


Whenever you need to make that personal connection with your clients, their is no better way than with a video interview.  Your clients will be able to but a face to the voice and see your actions and reactions.  The personal connections is the next best thing to actually being in the room with them.  Regardless if it is a short thirty second "thank you" or a longer teaching video, one of our interview packages will be right for you.

30 Second Commercial 

Short commercial spots are the most efficient way to reach your audience.  Shorter videos are easy to remember, can fit a tighter budget and can have more run times on the networks.  The bottom line is a higher ROI  and that's what we are all after.

Special Events

When planning your wedding, reunion, anniversary or any special events, we know how priceless those once in a lifetime moments are.  Capturing your first dance as a united couple or your fiftieth dance at you next anniversary is our passion.  We love telling your stories and work hard to make your special day even more special.

Aerial Videos

Aerial Photography is a must have in todays world of real estate and resort marketing.  With today's social media driven lifestyle, our eyes are bombarded with moving visuals all the time.  So much so, that we have come to expect it.  This is why it is so important to include the amazing an aw inspiring world of Aerial Photography in you marketing.

Drone Services

Real Estate video